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Our Dental Hygiene team is here to provide quality care for each of our patients. The dental hygienists focus on the patient's periodontal and gingival health, as well as education of the patient on home care. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to all of our patients in order to obtain the optimal oral health for each individual.

demarte no

Dora DeMarte, RDH
Kennedy-King College,
Associates Degree in Applied
Sciences in Dental Hygiene,
Class of 2001

Anita No, RDH
Old Dominion University, 1996
BSDH- Bachelors of Science
in Dental Hygiene

poulston wasiuta

Alicia Poulston, RDH
Bachelors Degree, Arts and Science,
Indiana University, 1997
Associates Degree in
Dental Hygiene (R.D.H.)

Rebekah Wasiuta, RDH
Bachelors Degree - Continuing Studies,
Associates Degree - Dental Hygiene
Indiana University 2004


scalise prassas

Shawna Scalise, RDH
Associates Arts - Harold Washington
Associate Science - Kennedy-King - 2004


Maria Prassas, RDH, M.Ed.
Southern Illinois University
Dental Hygiene, 1993
Forsyth School for Dental Hygienist,
Northeastern University, Boston, MA,
Degree in Advance Dental Hygiene, 1996
Harvard Dental School/Brigham and Womens Hospital, Boston, MA,
Advanced Studies In Oral Cancer Research,Certification
University Of Illinois-Chicago,
Master Degree Education, 2002